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    Milma Pasteurised Jersy (Blue)

    Contains 3.0 percent fat and 8.5 percent non-fat solids. Ideal for whitening tea/coffee and for the preparation of solid curd. Since the milk is homogenised, whitening capacity is more and less amount of milk will be sufficient for whitening tea/coffee. The milk will not stick to vessels on heating and hence washing of used vessels is easier. Fat will not settle at the top since the milk is homogenised. Available in 500 ml sachets.



    Sona Masoori Rice

    Sona Mahsuri is High yielding rice variety which is very popular. It is evolved from two popular rice varieties sona and Mahsuri. Both these varieties are them selves high yielding. Mahsuri is medium tall with short fine grains and very tasty. It has special character of highly nitrogen responsiveness. Sona is a Super fine grain. It has small problem of threshability. By crossing these two, sona mahsuri is developed. It is a premium kind of rice.