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    Himalaya Clear Keaser Facewash

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    Milma Pasteurised Jersy (Blue)

    Contains 3.0 percent fat and 8.5 percent non-fat solids. Ideal for whitening tea/coffee and for the preparation of solid curd. Since the milk is homogenised, whitening capacity is more and less amount of milk will be sufficient for whitening tea/coffee. The milk will not stick to vessels on heating and hence washing of used vessels is easier. Fat will not settle at the top since the milk is homogenised. Available in 500 ml sachets.

    Parry's Sugar 1 Kg

    When the soluble and sweetened carbohydrate called raw sugar is dissolved, treated and finally separated from its brown origins, the white substance you get is refined sugar. Parrys Refined Sugar is a form of processed sugar that has been through the rigours of the above process in a high quality procedure supervised by experts.

    Cadbury Nutties

    cadbury are a confectionery currently manufactured by Cadbury. Introduced in the United Kingdom in 1965, they were adapted into a Dairy Milk version of Eclairs after Cadbury was acquired by the privately owned company Pascall in 1922.[1] They are available in bags or rolls and can be found in the Cadbury Heroes selection. Eclairs are currently available in South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, Kenya, Hong Kong and India; where they are known as "Dairy Milk Eclairs". In 2013 Mondelēz International updated the UK ingredients list to add in the inclusion of palm oil in the recipe.

    Pachari ( Raw rice )

    Raw rice's high magnesium content is good for your heart.

    Happy Bird Chicken Egg (6 nos)